Best Digital Piano Under £1000 - Top 3 In 2022 - 2023

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Last Updated on December 29, 2022
Best Digital Piano Under £1000 - Top 3 In 2020 – 2021
Best Choice
Yamaha Arius YDP
  • Get ready for an authentic and expressive piano experience, a compact home piano for beginners that combines traditional design with the technology and versatility of a digital piano
  • 88-key e-piano with the powerful, rich sound of the Yamaha CFX concert grand piano - Reproduce the touch of an acoustic piano thanks to the graded hammer standard piano keyboard / with three pedals
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control allows players to enjoy balanced sound at any volume level / stereophonic optimizer offers natural, spacious acoustic sound, even with headphones
  • Use the Smart Pianist app for an amazing range of features that will have you making music faster - Practice with a metronome, record your pieces or scan your songs and have them ready on your device
  • Items delivered: Yamaha Arius YDP-144 in rosewood - digital piano, a home piano for beginners / music book, owner’s manual, operation guide
Runner Up
KORG B2 Digital Piano
  • The Korg B2 Digital Piano has 88 Natural Weighted Hammer keys to give a real piano feel to provide a real piano feel when playing
  • The B2 has a 2 x 15 Watt speakers to provide a rich warm sound that will happily fill a living or practice room
  • 12 Carefully selected sounds to choose from including a range of Classical Pianos, Jazz Piano, Stage Electric Piano as well as Harpsichord and Organ sounds
YAMAHA P-45B Digital Piano
  • Authenticity and portability in one: Authentic acoustic piano sound in a compact and portable package - P-45 offers great sound in a light and simple design
  • This full size piano offers a graded hammer standard (GSH) 88-key piano keyboard and 10 quality Voices - Play it like an acoustic piano or like a sweet electric one and have fun while practicing
  • Lightweight and compact design for ideal portability: It's slim and light design, makes P-45B your companion everywhere you go - Take your music with you
  • Improved advanced wave memory (AWM) tone generator technology helps you experience a realistic grand piano sound / simple one-button operation let's you configure your piano easily, wherever you are
  • Items delivered: Yamaha P-45B digital piano in black - Portable piano with pedal included and USB TO HOST connectivity / AC adaptor, owner’s manual

Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Digital Piano Under £1000 Is The Yamaha Arius YDP-144 Digital Piano!

  • Yamaha Arius YDP-144 Digital Piano - Classic and elegant home piano for beginners or hobbyists, in rosewood

Top 3 Digital Pianos Under £1000

When you raise your budget when buying a digital piano, you will almost certainly be greeted with a noticeable rise in quality. The three pianos that I will recommend are the cream of the crop, the wheat from the chaff. These should be primary candidates when considering which keyboard to buy.

Yamaha Arius YDP-142 Review – Number 1

The first piano I would recommend is the Yamaha Arius YDP-142 (CHECK PRICE!). This is the absolute pinnacle when it comes to weighting in the keys.

Although the previously mentioned DGX650 also features great key weighting, the Arius YDP-142 is so realistic to the point that the lower keys are firmer to touch while the higher keys are lighter, just like a real piano.

The pedals are also integrated into the sleek mahogany design of the Arius YDP-142 to give it a more complete feel. Some may even be believed into thinking it is a normal baby grand.

This piano also comes with some other items to sweeten the deal. A free piano stool, with a compartment, free Chase CH-20 headphones as well as a free tutor book that comes with a CD and a DVD all help make the price tag easier to stomach. When you are buying keyboards at this price, you are going for premium quality, and you can’t get more premium than this.

  • Yamaha Arius YDP-144 Digital Piano - Classic and elegant home piano for beginners or hobbyists, in rosewood

KORG LP-380 Review – Number 2

The second piano I’d recommend is the KORG LP-380. The KORG LP-380 may not look like much when you first lay eyes on it, but you must look deeper in order to understand its truly phenomenal inner workings.

The piano has a slim, mahogany black, low profile design, designed to fit into any modern pianist’s home and the sleek piano cover makes this jet black dynamo of musical intricacy an essential part in any interior design.

Its speakers reproduce the earth shattering sound of the grand pianos found in many ball rooms throughout the world, but is far more portable.

The KORG LP-380, at a mere 26 cm in depth can fit almost anywhere and can be brought with you easily for performances. The unique brand of KORG also implements its famous RH3 key bed which helps the pianist crank out a truly expressive performance.

This Product May Be Unavailable,

Our Recommended Alternative to This Product is The KORG B2 Digital Piano with 88 Weighted Keys - Black!

  • KORG B2 Digital Piano with 88 Weighted Keys - Black & PU-2 Triple Pedal Unit with Soft, Sostenuto and Sustain Pedal for SP-280

Yamaha DGX650 Review – Number 3

The third piano I’d recommend is the Yamaha DGX650. Although it is somewhat rustic in its appearance, it is imperative that you do not judge this book by its cover. The wooden furnishing contrasts vibrantly with the bright LED screen that will let you access the countless voices and sounds that are available to you if you purchase the DGX650. You will get a staggering 552 voices and 195 backing styles for you to play along to.

The DGX650 also features precisely weighted keys so when you play it feels like you are playing the real thing.

Every single key also comes with sensitivity weighting, meaning that depending on how hard you hit the note, how harsh the noise will be, again, just like the Yamaha grand piano which the DGX650 was based on. The DGX650 is also relatively compact, so if you need to take it on the move you will have little to no problem.

This Product May Be Unavailable,

Our Recommended Alternative to This Product is The YAMAHA P-45B Digital Piano - Light and Portable Piano for Hobbyists and Beginners, in Black


  • YAMAHA P-45B Digital Piano - Light and Portable Piano for Hobbyists and Beginners, in Black


When you are investing this much money, you want the best of the best, and although the KORG LP-380 has some truly impressive features, the Yamaha Arius YDP-142 reigns supreme as the obvious choice, blending a classic design with remarkably weighted keys, the Arius is the closest you’ll get to playing a real piano without laying a finger on one.

Heya'll Im Oliver (Oli), I run By trade an Electrical Engineer, an owner of a piano shop. Always being asked about my recommendations for top piano, I created this site. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out :)

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