Roland VR 09 Digital Keyboard Review 2022 - 2023

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Last Updated on December 29, 2022

Roland VR 09 Digital Keyboard

Digital keyboards are different from digital pianos in various ways. Keyboards do not need to have the feel or realistic sound of an acoustic piano as they are brought for their wider range of sounds. They have added features and controllers that digital pianos do not have such as an arranger which allows the user to play a backing track while you play the keys.

Considering that most keyboards are MIDI compatible, you are able to connect to your computer and store your recordings to edit them at a later date. This gives you more freedom as a musician to explore the sounds you want to make.

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What Do Keyboard Have That Digital Piano's Don't?

The digital keyboard is a music producer's sidekick. Each model and brand will have specialised features that help you to create music in your style. However, in order to use the right tool to develop your musical abilities properly, you need to know what to look for and figure out which product is more suited to your needs.

  • MIDI compatibility - If you have a keyboard that is MIDI compatible, then you will see a real difference in your performance and your music. Having this connection will allow you to record directly from your keyboard to your computer and then edit your performance after.
  • Computer connectivity - All keyboards will connect to your computer in one way or another but be sure to check with the editing software you use as to which connector they require.
  • Controllers - The number of controllers on your keyboard and what they do will vary depending on your purpose for purchasing the instrument. For synth keyboards, be sure to look out for pitch and modulation wheels as these allow for a creative experience. The best way to find a keyboard with the right amount of controllers is to go to a shop and test some out. See what effect you like and how you prefer to style your music to figure out what is best suited for you.
  • Key action - While most digital pianos have weighted or semi-weighted keys to add resistance and to create an authentic feel, synth keyboards are different. There is no resistance so that the keys can be played very quickly, giving them more of an organ feel.
  • Storage - Most keyboards offer external storage so that it is easier to transfer your data between your computer and your instrument.

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Is This Digital Keyboard Worth It?

Roland has pulled out all the stops with their VR 09 digital keyboard. They have been conscious of the fact that musicians will be using this keyboard to perform and so have added extra features to ensure the user can perform to the best of their abilities.

The lightweight (7.82kg), travel-ready makes it the ideal keyboard for performers on the road. Unlike a digital piano, this keyboard can be powered by using either batteries or an AC, making it easier to play at any location. The adapter is provided upon purchase.

With dedicated piano, organ and synth sound engines, you are able to express your creativity in numerous way by navigating the easy to follow three-block panel. Not only that but all the essential tones, ranging from vintage classics to modern essentials, are only a touch away. This allows you to give your best performance without the complication of confusing buttons.

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Equipped with real-time controls, you are able to easily create music while performing. The keyboard features nine tone-shaping sliders, seven simultaneous effects and an array of parameters that are controlled by a large collection of knobs. As well as this, Roland has included:

  • An onboard looper
  • A drum selection with a library of rhythms
  • A newly developed 60's organ tone
  • Optional song playback powered by USB memory

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More About Roland As A Brand?

Roland stays true to their slogan 'inspire the enjoyment of creativity.' With the music industry playing host to increasing diversity, Roland have not struggled to keep up the array of demands and expectations that modern musicians have comet o expect from their products.

Having a rich history of innovative ideas, such as the world's first electronic musical instruments and professional A/V products, Roland have not stopped bringing revolutionary products into the music world.

Created with professional and amateurs in mind, Roland's VR 09 stays true to their aims and targets as a company. The product inspires the user to create with new sounds and tones.

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Are There Any Issues That Would Stop Me Buying This Piano?

Unlike many other keyboards of it's kind, this module does not come with built-in speakers. This means that in order to play to an audience, you are required to buy an external speaker. While this may be an issue for performers, you can play the sound through computer monitors or by using headphones allowing for a more private session.

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Is This The Digital Keyboard For Me?

This keyboard is for the creative performer. The ones who aren't afraid to test the limits and create new sounds on the spot. Its lightweight and easily portable design matched with its duel power source allows the user to use this instrument wherever and whenever they wish. It captures the easiness of a digital piano while offering more creative freedom for any performer.

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