SDP-2 Stage Piano By Gear4music Review [2022 - 2023]

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Last Updated on December 29, 2022

SDP-2 Stage Piano By Gear4music Review

The SDP-2 Stage Piano is an 88 -key Digital Piano with Stereo Sound that may be used both at home and on stage.


  • SDP-2 Stage Piano by Gear4music + Stand and Adjustable Bench

The SDP-2 is a well-liked option for keyboardists and piano players because it comes with 88 touch-sensitive weighted keys, eight realistic voices, and 4 integrated speakers.

Sustain pedal, power supply, and music rest are all included with the keyboard, so you can start playing right away.

This may just be your Budget Range Digital Piano and it is a great piano for beginners who need piano lessons.

Sound Quality

The sound is one of this review's most crucial components.

You are probably looking at this particular model because it is a genuine piano, as opposed to countless reviews of keyboards.

Unlike a keyboard, it contains 88 fully weighted and lifelike piano keys.

Therefore, if you don't care too much about having a huge variety of voices and you just want a precise and realistic piano experience, you've come to the perfect place.


  • SDP-2 Stage Piano by Gear4music + Stand and Adjustable Bench

The bass is deep and earthy, but the upper end of the pitch is bright and airy.

Despite appearing to perform a bad job, the little speakers do an excellent job of conveying the sound.

Because they allow the music to reach you straight in the face, I frequently find that these sorts of digital pianos handle the sound better than pianos that are more closed.

The greatest elements of the tone can strike out and project across the room without you having to open a lid.

Home and Away - Play On Stage Or At Home

This digital piano is a hybrid and is designed for the home or the stage.

However, the common myth about "stage pianos" is that you should only get one if you perform in a band.

This is simply untrue, and you may buy a metal stand or a fixed platform to put it on at home.

This is a portable or "put-where-you-want" piano.

This is due to the fact that you may put it anyplace in the house and it won't be difficult to move or assemble.

Even if you wanted to move it about the house continuously every few weeks, you could.

A stage piano is simpler to move because it weighs less than an extremely heavy acoustic piano, which typically requires two removal men to help get it into the house, much alone consider putting it upstairs in your own bedroom.

How Does it Feel?

Even if you're a novice, it's crucial to have keys that feel pleasant and heavy but also bounce back up quickly enough for more experienced players when purchasing a digital piano.

Although it does depend on personal preference, this has those features, and I had no trouble quickly adapting to the SDP-2's special touch.


  • SDP-2 Stage Piano by Gear4music + Stand and Adjustable Bench

The 'Key' To A Good Piano

Additionally, you get all 88 keys that you would anticipate finding on an acoustic piano, and overall, the touch and feel are incredibly true and authentic.

The 32 note polyphony is always more than enough, so you can play up to 32 notes simultaneously before it prevents you from doing so.

And yes, the sustain pedal is essentially what you need if you're wondering how in the world you could ever play that many notes at once.

It is possible to play more than 32 notes if you are holding a lot of notes and playing an arpeggio up the piano, however this is extremely uncommon and improbable.

Some More Information

The concert grand piano sound is the key attraction for the majority of buyers of this piano.
You would be pleased with it for this price, I can promise you. It's really good.

Sure, you could spend £50k and sit at a real grand piano to hear a better sound, but for about £240, you just cannot.

Voices Make Good Audio

You also receive 7 more voices in addition to the anticipated grand piano voice, which range from electric piano to organ.

My personal favorite instrument is usually the string section since I enjoy layering it with the piano and playing ballads or movie theme songs.

If you haven't tried that before, I highly suggest you do so since it's a lot of fun!

Sounds Good. What Else is There?

Depending on which package you go for you can have a carry case included, or a set of headphones, music stand and bench.

The Crunch

Before learning the SDP-2's price, you'd assumed it would be close to £300.

I was therefore really startled to see that the price ranges from £200 to £240 (at the time of this writing), depending on the extras you choose.

I think this is the cheapest fully weighted 88 key digital piano I have ever seen.

Therefore, if you want anything for the house or perhaps the stage but don't want to spend a fortune, this is ideal.


  • SDP-2 Stage Piano by Gear4music + Stand and Adjustable Bench
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