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Last Updated on December 29, 2022
Best Choice
Yamaha YPT-230 Portable Keyboard w/AC Adapter and Stand
  • Ultra Wide Stereo
  • More Advanced "Y.E.S" System (Yamaha Education Suite)
  • High Quality Voices & Styles and Digital Effects
  • Portable Grand Button
  • Auto Power Off mode
Runner Up
Yamaha PSR-E373 Digital Keyboard
  • The PSR-E373 digital keyboard makes it easy to start playing: Thanks to the wide range of functions and 61 touch-sensitive keys, this keyboard is the go-to instrument for beginners
  • Two people can play the PSR-E373 at the same time thanks to Duo mode, while Smart Chord, multi-finger mode and a connection with the Rec'n'Share app allow for even more playing possibilities
  • The digital signal processor (DSP) ensures the integration of multiple special effects and the new Super Articulation Lite Voices provides an authentic reproduction of instrumental sounds
Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano
  • Feature packed digital piano for beginners – portable electric keyboard piano with 61 premium piano style keys and built-in speakers for practicing and performing to your friends and family
  • Premium electric piano keyboard sounds - 300 voices (including Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Strings, Organ, Synth, Drums and much more); intuitive layer and split modes to develop your keyboard skills
  • Practice makes perfect - 1/4 Inch stereo headphone output mutes the built-in speakers; 40 Demo songs; accompaniment mode with 300 built-in rhythms; built in record feature for recording your performance

Top 3 Digital Pianos For Beginners

We all have to start from somewhere, and in my travels these three digital pianos best suit beginners who wish to learn the piano at a basic level.

Yamaha YPT-230 Review – Number 1

First is the Yamaha YPT-230 portable keyboard (CHECK PRICE!). This keyboard is the keyboard a player will want if they want something with many, many features.

It comes with a multitude of features, a fun, “song learn” function which will help you learn 102 unique piano tunes (especially useful for those just getting started), a built in speaker system which will make sure you can hear every detail of your chords, but most impressively, the fearsome catalogue of 372 sounds to choose from.

When you want things to quieten down, the keyboard also features a headphone in/out jack as well as a MIDI output if you wish to get into digital music production. The 61 key breadth will be more than enough for any beginner to the keyboard.

  • Yamaha YPT-230 Portable Keyboard w/AC Adapter and Stand

Yamaha PSR-F50 Review – Number 2

The next keyboard is the Yamaha PSR-F50 model. This is a nice middle ground keyboard, for those who don’t want to spend too much money but don’t want to sacrifice too many features because of it.

The 120 voices this keyboard comes with are all recorded off real instruments which gives each individual sound a stunningly realistic sound. The low weight of the keyboard also makes it particularly apt to being transported if you are constantly on the move.

It has a built in speaker system so you won’t just have to use headphones all the time meaning those beginner learners will be able to show off their skills to their rapt audience.

You can also connect more powerful amplifiers via the headphone jack if you wish to get as much sound as possible out of the keyboard. The keyboard also offers 140 accompanying tracks for those beginners that want to know what it feels like to be part of a band.

Alternative Option

  • Yamaha PSR-E373 Digital Keyboard - A Versatile, Entry-Level Keyboard with 61 Touch-Sensitive Keys, 622 Instrument Voices, in a Black Finish

Pitchmaster Black Review – Number 3

The final keyboard I would recommend is the Pitchmaster Black. This is for those beginners that aren’t sure whether they will like playing the piano as they will not have to invest a huge amount of money in order to get what is a relatively high quality product.

The major feature of the Pitchmaster is that it has a really intuitive teaching mode. This teaching mode will guide the beginner player through a specific tune, going as slow as the player needs. The player can stop, rewind, fast forward, speed up or slow down the tune however much they want in order to learn the song to the best of their ability.

A neat bonus to the Pitchmaster is that it will come with a stand to play on, a benefit that neither of the other keyboards can claim. Unfortunately though, the Pitchmaster only has a 54 key breadth which makes it an octave lower than the other two.

This Product May be Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano!

  • Alesis Melody 61 Key Keyboard Piano with Built-In Speakers, Headphones, Microphone, Piano Stand, Music Rest and Stool


All of these keyboards differentiate themselves from the pack, whether it be a wide selection of different sounds, realistic sounding tones or intuitive teaching modes and all differ in price to appeal to every different type of beginner piano player.

However, I will always say that you are far better to spend more when making a large investment such as this, so I will therefore be recommending the Yamaha YPT-230 over the others.

A keyboard is something that you will be using very frequently, and if you’re anything like me, hours after hours of playing, you will begin to appreciate the extra few pounds you invested into your first keyboard.

Heya'll Im Oliver (Oli), I run By trade an Electrical Engineer, an owner of a piano shop. Always being asked about my recommendations for top piano, I created this site. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out :)

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