How Heavy Is A Digital Piano?

Last Updated on January 11, 2023

How Heavy Is A Digital Piano?

Pianos are heavy and require the expertise of a professional to move safely. Digital pianos offer a lighter alternative, but they can still be pretty hefty. While portability models might weigh about 10kg, full-size digital pianos with weighted 88-note keyboards and wood cabinets can tip the scales at up to 50kg.

It's important to consider how heavy a digital piano is when you're looking to buy one; if it's too heavy for you to handle on your own, then you'll need some help moving it into your home or studio. Luckily, there are plenty of lightweight options out there that won't strain your back.

Why Are Traditional Pianos So Heavy?

Traditional Pianos are heavy pieces of machinery because they need to withstand a lot of tension and support hundreds or even thousands of strings. The two heaviest components that contribute to the digital piano's weight are its soundboard and frame.

The soundboard is made from solid wood, usually spruce or birch, that's glued together in several layers. This board is used to amplify the sound created when the hammers strike the strings, but since it is solid wood, it makes for quite a bit of weight in the piano.

The heavy frame provides support for the entire instrument, as it must endure all the strings' tension. Therefore, it is usually made of cast iron, as opposed to wood, which is lighter. Apart from these two elements, traditional pianos have hammers, key mechanisms, and casings adding to their overall mass as well.

Why Are Digital Pianos Less Heavy?

Digital pianos are much lighter in weight than acoustic pianos because the construction of a digital piano is far less complex. Instead of featuring multiple components like an acoustic piano, digital pianos typically have just four elements: the case, a computer chip, the keyboard action, and speakers.

The casing is generally made out of lightweight materials such as MDF or chipboard rather than solid wood like an acoustic piano, making it much easier to carry around. Additionally, some digital pianos even incorporate plastic elements into the design which further contributes to their light weight.

What Is The Weight Of A Digital Piano?

Below are the weights of three popular piano models, which can help you decide when to select the right one.

Stage Piano

Stage pianos are ideal for those on the move. They're lightweight, making them easy to transport from gig to gig or lesson to lesson. On average, these instruments weigh around 11kg – this is certainly the lightest type of piano you can find.

Console Piano

Console pianos are one of the most popular search items for digital pianos. These instruments are designed to replace the traditional upright piano for home practice, not to be lugged around for gigs - that explains why they're quite a bit heavier compared to stage pianos. It weighs approximately 47 kg.

Hybrid Or Digital Grand

Looking for a digital piano that feels like a traditional grand? Then you might want to consider getting a hybrid or digital grand. These types of pianos are some of the heaviest digital pianos out there, weighing roughly 120kg.

What Is The Weight Of A Vertical And Upright Piano?

When choosing between upright and grand pianos, a main factor should be the weight of the instrument; vertical pianos are usually lighter and more portable.

Spinet Piano

Spinet pianos are the smallest of the vertical pianos, but they are no lightweights. Weighing in at between 200-400 lbs (91kg-181kg), these models are great for those who want an upright piano without the heft. At 36”-40” (91cm-101 cm) in height, moving them from one room to another is a relatively simple task.

Console Pianos

Console pianos are the most popular type of vertical piano and are generally heavier than other types due to their larger size. They typically weigh between 350-450 lbs (159kg-204kg) and measure 40”-43” (101cm-109cm) in height.

Studio Piano

Studio pianos weigh an impressive 400-500lbs and stand tall at 44”-48” (111cm-122cm) in height. They are considered the best compromise between size and tone, which is why they are so common in music schools.

Moving an average piano of this size can involve a lot of manual labor and effort, which is why it's recommended to have at least three people on hand when relocating it.

Upright Piano

An upright piano is an enormous musical instrument, with a weight of between 500-1000 lbs (158kg-227kg). Measuring 48”-60” (122cm-152cm) in height, it's the tallest of vertical pianos. Due to its age, it often refers to models like the one grandmas have. Moving it requires at least four people.

What Is The Weight Of A Grand Piano?

Below is a list of the various kinds of grand pianos, including their weights and sizes.

Small Grand Piano

Small Grand Pianos are becoming increasingly popular among typical piano players, as they are lighter and more manageable. This expensive piano typically ranges from 400-500lbs (181kg-227kg) in weight, which is pretty hefty for a standard instrument.

The usual size for a small grand piano is 4’6” to 5’ (137cm-152cm) in length and 80 to 100 centimeters (31-39 inches) in width.

Baby Grand Piano

Baby grand pianos are a popular choice for musicians and they weigh up to 600 lbs. These pianos are the perfect size at 5' to 5'6" in length, making them ideal for home use. They also produce excellent sound quality and have an attractive design that won't dominate the room.

Living Room Grand Piano

Living room grand pianos are the ideal option if you're looking for a piano to be placed in your living space. These impressive instruments range in size from 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet 1 inch and they typically weigh around 700 lbs.

Medium Grand Piano

Medium Grand Pianos are the perfect choice if you need to find the right balance of portability and power. These models are typically between 5’6”–5’9” (167cm–175cm) in length, and weigh between 500-600 lbs - heavy enough for a powerful sound but still relatively portable for easier transportation.

Professional Grand Piano

Professional grand pianos are truly a thing of beauty. Not only is their size larger than baby grand pianos, but they also pack quite a punch when it comes to weight. Measuring 6 feet (183 cm) in length, these models usually weigh a whopping 700 lbs (318 kg).

Parlor Or Recital Grand Piano

Parlor or recital grand pianos are firm favorites amongst digital piano players, due to their lightweight yet durable design. These smaller models range in size from 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet 1 inch.

They boast an impressive weight of around 750 pounds! That being said, the size means it doesn't feel too heavy and you can even move it around with ease!

Concert Grand Piano

A Concert Grand Piano is one of the largest and heaviest types of digital piano out there. Its length reaches 8ft 11-3/4 inches or 274 cm, and its weight can range anywhere from 900 to 1200 lbs (408 kg - 544 kg).

This makes it the perfect choice for large rooms with a lot of people, allowing it to produce a grand sound that will fill any space. This full-size digital piano provides extraordinary sound quality, but due to its excess weight, transporting it may prove challenging. Nevertheless, the outcome will be worthwhile.

Semi Concert

The semi-concert grand piano is a great choice for mid-sized to larger venues, as well as recording studios. These heavy pianos have the power and depth of tone without taking up the space that a full concert grand would. In terms of size, they measure 7' to 8'6 in length (259 cm), while their weight ranges from around 900 lbs (408 kg).

If you're looking for a real piano that can deliver powerful sound while still being compact enough to fit into most venues, then semi-concert grand pianos are the way to go.

Drawing Room Grand Piano

Drawing Room Grand Piano is a standard piano for spacious homes, recital halls, auditoriums, broadcasting recordings, or professional studios due to its length of 6' 3" to 6' 10-1/2" and weight of 750 lbs (340kg). This type of grand piano is the perfect instrument for those seeking a truly profound sound experience.

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