What Is A Digital Piano Arranger?

Last Updated on March 10, 2022

Digital Piano Arranger: What is it?

A digital piano arranger is a perfect tool for creating high-quality sounds, especially when making music with a unique sound.

The best way to describe this instrument is as an electronic version of a traditional piano or organ. You can play in many different ways, but it is most often used to create and arrange songs.

Thousands of music professionals use digital pianos every day to make their work easier. Even companies specialize in providing these tools to musicians who want to produce professional sounding music at home.

How do you use the arranger on the keyboard?

You will need to learn how to navigate through the various functions of your digital piano arranger. There are two main sections:

  • The first section contains all the notes that you play on the keyboard.
  • The second section contains all the chords you can play on the keyboard. You can easily change between the two by pressing the buttons above each area.

Each note has its function, which means that you can choose from a wide range of options when playing. For example, you can adjust the volume level, pitch, tone colour, and more.

There are also several other features that you can access using the buttons located below each section. These include the following:

  • Play mode allows you to select whether you want to play a song or record one.
  • Chord mode – This lets you add chords to your music.
  • Transpose – If you don't know what key you're currently playing in, you can transpose the theme into any key.
  • Scale – This feature lets you play scales and arpeggios.
  • Solo/Duet – This setting determines if you'll be able to play along with another musician while recording.
  • Key signature – This option helps you determine which keys have sharps and flats.
  • Tempo – This setting allows you to set the rhythm of the song.
  • Volume – This button controls the overall volume of the music.
  • Effects – This button enables you to apply effects such as reverb and delay to the music.
  • Mixer – This button allows you to mix the audio output of multiple tracks.
  • Lyrics – This button displays lyrics for the current theme.
  • Repeat – This button lets you repeatedly repeat a specific part of the song.
  • Auto-repeat – This button automatically repeats the last played track.

The difference between arrangers and workstations

The difference between arrangers and workstations is quite simple. Workstations assist you in performing tasks that require a lot of time, like mixing and mastering.

They usually come equipped with many additional features to complete complex tasks quickly.

Arrangers, on the other hand, are primarily focused on producing music. They typically lack some of the advanced features found in workstations.

However, they still offer valuable features that make them great instruments for beginners.

If you're looking for a high-quality instrument that comes with many extra features, then you may want to consider purchasing a workstation instead.

Arranger keyboard: Best features

Keyboard arrangers have become increasingly popular due to producing professional-sounding songs.

With this instrument, you can create excellent arrangements without purchasing a separate workstation.

Here are some best features of a digital piano arranger:

  • High-quality sound

Digital pianos are known for being capable of producing very realistic sounds.

It is because they use potent speakers and microphones to capture every detail of the music you're creating.

  • Hundreds of music styles

Unlike traditional keyboards, digital pianos can easily handle hundreds of different musical styles.

You'll find everything from classical pieces to pop hits.

  • Music Assistants

Another advantage of using a digital piano is that it's easier than ever to get started composing music.

Most models include Music Assistant software that makes it easy to write melodies and chords.

It also gives you access to thousands of prerecorded samples so you can start writing right away.

  • Built-in sound system

A digital piano has a built-in speaker system that produces clear, crisp sound.

There are three main types of sound systems used by most digital pianos:

  1. Stereo
  2. 5.1 surround
  3. 7.1 surround
  • Advanced sound technologies

Some models even feature advanced sound technologies like DSP (digital signal processing).

These technologies enhance the clarity of your music by removing background noise and improving the tonal balance.

  • Creative tools

Many digital piano arranger models also include various creative tools.

For example, they often have a metronome, tuner, chord generator, and more.

These tools will help you improve your skills as a musician.

Best types of arrangers

There is a wide range of arranger keyboards available today.

The following table lists several common types of arrangers and what each one offers.

  • Roland's popular E-series arranger keyboards

It is a versatile arranger keyboard that includes both acoustic and electronic features.

It also comes with Roland's proprietary X-Piano technology, which provides excellent performance and stability.

The E series arranger keyboard has two independent touchpads that control volume and effects.

They also have a dedicated pedal board to connect any foot pedals.

In addition, there are four assignable buttons on the side panel that allow you to play in multiple ways.

  • Yamaha PSR

The Yamaha PSR is an all-electronic model that allows you to compose music quickly.

It has a large LCD screen that shows song lyrics, notes, and other important information.

The PSR also has an integrated MIDI controller that lets you record performances or edits existing tracks.

The PSR is a lightweight and portable design.

It weighs only 12 pounds and measures just 11 inches long x 7 inches high x 5 inches deep.

  • Korg Kaossilator

Korg's Kaossilator is another excellent choice if you want a compact arranger keyboard.

It has a sleek design and compact size, making it ideal for travelling.

The Kaossilator also comes with a USB port.

Final verdict

Music enthusiasts who prefer digital pianos over conventional keyboards should consider buying a digital piano arranger.

Unlike traditional keyboards, these instruments offer many advantages, including better tone quality, greater versatility, and improved sound quality.

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